Addwater is the creative studio of New York-New Hampshire based designer and artist, James Murray. Inspired by the east end of Long Island, Addwater was created to channel an oeuvre of ideas in Art & Design, through a wide range of mediums.  Upon founding Addwater, the goals were multifaceted.  Firstly, it is an artistic pursuit, to express the broad possibilities of infusing emotive creativity into our human experience.  Secondly, sharing ideas and bridging a gap between Art & Design with a nod to the handmade.  And lastly, using the studio concept as a laboratory, conducting experiments to break things down around us, and reconstitute them with new forms of expression.


"Where the sky meets the sand, just add water". The work might start with a plan, but like nature, things ultimately evolve."

From the Studio 

A lifelong New Yorker with a penchant for making things, James' style is best described as modernist.  Since 2010, he has lead the design & creative group at Simon Pearce in Vermont.  Prior to his current role, James was Director of Design and Creative Integration at Bed, Bath & Beyond for five years, where he oversaw the design team, working with buyers and store management.  Prior to that role, James was a Design Director for eleven years at Macy's Home Store, where he introduced numerous new products and brands.  

James is highly regarded professor of design and product development in Pratt Institute's graduate design management program, a position he has maintained since 1998.  He holds a B.I.D. in product design from Pratt, as well as a master's degree from the same institution in Design Management.  James regularly exhibits drawings, paintings, and sculpture in group shows at local galleries and venues.

Inquiries Contact:  Phone: 802-356-4636


Time is well spent, moving from sketches to larger scale pieces.

From the Studio

Chair development: Form based, experiments with plaster sculpture to arrive at a design solution.  

Process & Sketches